Each jump deserves the perfect U

New and innovative training jumpropes for full body workout

The duvide Jumpropes are the perfect fit for strength, cardio, or tricks. You’ll need your jump rope for your training, your everyday exercise needs and daily activity. Choose from our collection of duvide jump ropes for men, women and children. We have the jump ropes you need for all over the U.K. including the Lake District, Wales, the North, East Anglia, London and Birmingham.

jump rope

It was my pleasure to design a new collection of jump ropes for the U.K. called the duvide All in jump ropes. I am really excited to give this collection to you. I’m super excited to be designing this new collection of jump ropes. It’s a brand new collection. It’s totally different to anything we have done before. But I’m so excited to be designing the new collection and I want to offer you a really special offer.


So I’m going to give you just a few words about what is covered in the U.K. duvide All in jump ropes and then I’m going to give you a little insight on how you can get in on this all in jump rope offer. They’ll be two different versions, and I’ll be giving you some insight on how you can get access to the jump ropes and some insights.


This is a two for one offer. We’re really excited about this. We’re excited to have the duvide in jump rope come out. Because, I’m really excited that this is coming out now. This is a brand new collection and this is a new offer for martial artists, crossfitters and active people, for anyone who loves jump ropes. And I think a jump rope is something that is really exciting now. This is a totally different offer to anything that any of us have done before and they are also good for ropeflow.