We need to do a good deal of exercising as we age

Especially as the aging process leads to a loss of muscle mass, strength, and endurance.

At the same time we may need to increase the intensity, frequency, or duration of our exercises, to achieve the desired fitness benefits we wish to achieve. We have to work out at those levels where the strain on our heart is not too much compared to the improvement in our physical condition. There are three types of exercise: aerobic, calisthenic, and resistance. Aerobic exercise like jumping rope simply means the heart and lungs have to work to supply the oxygen we need for our muscles. The word aerobic also applies to the amount of exercise we do. It means that a certain amount of exercise is sufficient or we can exercise more than we would normally be able to. A little bit of exercise is good for us, and more exercise beyond that is good for us.

man rowing ergometer training

We only become uncomfortable, tired, or unhealthy when we perform exercise beyond the level of the body’s tolerance for certain types of physical activity. In this book we will discuss all three of these types of exercise. In order to improve our muscles, we have to do something that will stimulate them to grow and strengthen. We should do weight training with weights, resistance exercises, and calisthenics so that the muscles of our body will increase in size and strength.


We have to choose exercises that we can readily perform, that will provide us with an opportunity to gain our desired body muscle fitness and muscle tone. Then we need to do some form of aerobic exercise for instance jump rope training three to four times a week depending on the level of our desired fitness goal.


Finally we must take special care of the muscles of the heart and lungs because of the increased physical stress put on them by the strenuous, regular exercises we perform. The most important principle for aging is balancing strength and muscle tone with mobility, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness. These are all interrelated, therefore, exercise programs should include all three types. Achieving flexibility and mobility will provide us with our best means to gain mobility, strength, and muscle tone. Our cardiovascular fitness will maintain out mobility by maintaining the circulation and the delivery of oxygen and other vital nutrients to our muscles.